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Mathematics Incursion

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Maths Incursion  Bust-a-Burpee

Bust-a-Burpee maths incursions get the whole school up and moving through maths!

Bust-a-Burpee staff deliver entire maths lessons through movement. We will share with you the principles of Bust-a-Burpee and demonstrate how these can be applied in your school. Our ultimate goal is to get more Aussie kids up and moving through their learning. 

Incorporating movement into your existing curriculum is easier than you might think. Bust-a-Burpee demonstrates this, with all lessons age appropriate and in alignment with the Australian curriculum. 

Not only does learning become even more fun, but we're tackling physical and mental health outcomes at the same time. Behaviour in the classroom becomes more regulated, anxiety is managed and your spark for teaching is fueled even further. 

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