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Parenting Workshops

Ideal for schools, parent associations and community groups.

Michelle Wong is a dynamic and entertaining presenter, guaranteeing lots of laughs while learning. Parent's will feel empowered and supported.  

Smooth Transitions

Supporting the whole child is a combined, positive effort between school and home.

This strength-based workshop aims to support students, schools and families through the transition process from primary school to secondary school.


The workshop outlines healthy habits and routines around homework expectations, screen time and technology use, positive family relationships and wellbeing practices.

Participants will leave with a wealth of positive strategies to support a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.

* Specialised presentation for families of children with individual needs also available

Managing Technology in the Home

Technology in the home can be a challenge and saviour for every family. When have we ever had such a wealth of knowledge at the tips of our fingers, or access to an instant activity to keep the kids amused while we get vital tasks completed around the home or a required 10 minutes of peace? The problem is, this saviour can quickly become the cause for mood swings, family arguments and anti-social behaviour, just to name a few.


This workshop supports positive strategies and boundaries around devices in the home, allowing for productive technology use, increased physical activity beyond the screen, and healthy family relationships.

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