FREE tips: How to
Manage Behaviour

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Founder, Michelle has one ultimate goal: To see every child up and moving!

Managing kids behaviour can put a lot of adults off coaching and volunteering. This online mini-course offers some quick tips to help more coaches feel confident in managing behaviour when working with a group of kids.  

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All ability warm ups

and games


Inclusive Sports

Warm up and inclusive exercise booklet to purchase

Whatever the sport, Bust-a-Burpee inclusive games can become part of your training sessions!

All children love to move their bodies, but every child has different abilities.

Many coaches and facilitators are volunteers. Coming up with exciting activities to keep children engaged in training sessions is a challenge for even the most experienced coaches.


Our coaches guide offers suggested training  structure, tons of fun ideas and alternative movements to ensure all the kids are involved.  

The Bust-a-Burpee coaches guide has a huge selection of warm up games, skill development and strength exercises that are suitable for all sports. Bust-a-Burpee is written with inclusion in mind. All activities have scaled versions, allowing every member of your team or club to experience success!