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Raising the Bar on Community Inclusion

This workshop directly aligns with local government priority areas for activating community, supporting access for disconnected members of the community, and providing evidence-based training and education for community groups. Through improved communication strategies, awareness of the needs of underrepresented community members, and effectively sharing the community group services, this workshop is key to improving the effectiveness and impact of local organisations and groups.  

What's Included

This workshop runs for 2 hours, with no cap on numbers. Participants will receive a workbook full of practical activities and tools to apply within their group immediately.


The workshop is interactive, with Michelle providing suggestions and recommendations, specifically for each community group participating in the workshop as they work through each activity.

Overview of workshop (customiseable to LG priority areas):

  • Inclusive pathways and measuring impact

  • Group inclusion checklist

  • Harnessing inclusive social media

  • Marketing around inclusion

  • How to collect data on inclusion

  • How to make everyone feel included

  • Group think tank

  • Group inclusion mission statement

  • Where to from here? Mentorship and community workshops

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