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Education Assistant Professional Learning

A hugely popular presentation that leaves education assistants feeling
empowered and supported in their role

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Understanding Autism

Professional Learning for Education Assistants

EA's are the unsung heroes of the education system. They are a special kind of human, the ones who put others ahead of themselves for the benefit of the greater good. 

EA's are assigned to work with an enormous diversity of needs, attitudes, personality types and emotions. And that's just the teachers! :)


All jokes aside, the students assigned to these incredible staff can be quite the challenge. This is one role where learning on the job and learning quickly should be at the top of the job description. EA's often feel underprepared for the task ahead, and this PL workshop is all about empowering EA's with practical, useful strategies to support their students to the best of their abilities. 

Michelle Wong is a dynamic and entertaining presenter, guaranteeing lots of laughs, along with learning.


With over 15 years classroom experience, specialising in individual and behavioural needs. Michelle is now completing scientific research with Curtin University and is a member of the Curtin Autism Research Group.


There really is nothing more rewarding than making a breakthrough connection with an individual needs student, and the goal of this PL is to help more staff in the education sector achieve this.  

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