Professional Learning

A range of Professional Learning workshops for your school


Autism PL

Strength-based strategies for managing autistic youth in the mainstream classroom environment

Autism Professional Learning

More than ever, teachers are faced with a diversity of needs to cater for within the classroom. This PL provides strategies and practical tools to create a supportive, understanding and inclusive classroom environment


Michelle is a dynamic presenter, ensuring all learning is engaging and long-lasting. 

Michelle is undergoing post-grad research at Curtin University with her thesis focusing on autism, motivation and participation in sport. 

Michelle has presented a TEDx talk around disruption in classrooms that we can all learn from, and brings with her a tool box equipped with years of experience in behavioural and special educational needs. 


Parent workshops

Michelle offers a range of parenting workshop to support the child at home and at school. 

Topics include:

* Smooth transitions

* Technology in the home

* Strength for sanity

Educational Assistant Professional Learning

EA's are assigned to work with students who have an enormous diversity of needs, attitudes, personality types and emotions. This popular workshop provides practical tools, specific to the needs of education assistants. 


Maths Incursion

Bust-a-Burpee incursions are the ultimate maths lesson. Providing schools and teachers with examples and curriculum to incorporate movement into everyday learning experiences.