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Professional Learning

Customised delivery of professional learning on autism and neurodivergence

Michelle is an energetic an dynamic presenter. She incorporates practical activities and evidence-based learning that can immediately be implemented in the school environment.


Michelle customises each presentation to needs of the school and the teaching and support staff.  

Currently completing post-grad research at Curtin University, Michelle draws on a wealth of over 20 years classroom experience, 5+ years business leadership and community engagement, ensuring your staff will be inspired and excited to implement new tools to best support the students in their care. 

Autism Professional Learning

More than ever, teachers are faced with a diversity of needs to cater for within the classroom. This PL provides strategies and practical tools to create a supportive, understanding and inclusive classroom environment. By catering for the needs of autistic students, teachers are supporting all students through best-practice teaching. 


Parent workshops

Michelle offers a range of parenting workshop to support the child at home and at school. 

Topics include:

  • Smooth transitions

  • Technology in the home

  • Strength for sanity

Educational Assistant Professional Learning

EA's are assigned to work with students who have an enormous diversity of needs, attitudes, personality types and emotions. This popular workshop provides practical tools, specific to the needs of education assistants. 


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