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Reduce New School Year Stress

A new school year can be stressful for everyone, by setting some structure around the home routine you can reduce everyone’s anxiety levels. It's also a great opportunity to get the kids helping you more around the house and establish some healthy and helpful habits! Remember, as the kids get older we want to increase their responsibilities, building caring and capable little humans.

Here are my ‘Top Tips’ for the start of the school year:

1) Involve your child in the process of developing new routines and responsibilities. Giving them ownership will increase chances of successful behaviour change 👌🏻

2) Designate an area in the house for home learning (homework, study, craft, mindfulness)

3) As a family, discuss all chores and when these should be done. For example, as soon as you’re up, the bed gets made. Before leaving your room school uniform is on. Before after school screen time, homework is done. Stick to consistent timing and this will help establish good habits 👌🏻

4) Plan lunches and snacks for the week. This way your child can pack their own lunchbox and the stress of what to eat or make is eliminated.

5) If possible, eat dinner as a family. Talk about your day, what are you grateful for? Model problem solving, discuss social relationships, and laugh as a family.

Happy New School Year!

Image description: man in a sombrero is sitting on a couch with his feet up and the caption reads: My parenting style during summer break. “I’ll allow it.”

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