Behaviour Management
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"Students are challenging and challenge forces change."

"I am where I am today because of disruptive kids. They taught me to think outside the box."  


Quoted from Michelle Wong's TEDx Speech, 'Do the Burpee'.

Managing behaviour in the classroom

"Disruption forces change and change opens the door to creativity and creativity is the future." Quoted from Michelle Wong's TEDx Speech, 'Do the Burpee'.

Managing difficult behaviour in the classroom is a lot easier when you look at it from another perspective (even if the behaviour doesn't improve, you'll be in a more positive mood to deal with it). 

This PL seminar is designed to assist teachers and EA's negotiate the management of a growing number of students in their care who are dealing with trauma, mental health issues, behavioural needs and disabilities. 

There is no quick fix here, in fact, working with these students requires patience, understanding and time. Fortunately, as teachers and EA's we have most of those requirements covered. You may just need this PL session to shed some light on these issues from another angle. Maybe even from outside the box?

Michelle Wong is a dynamic and entertaining presenter, guaranteeing lots of laughs, along with learning.


With over 15 years classroom experience, specialising in individual and behavioural needs. Michelle is now completing scientific research with Curtin University and is a member of the Curtin Autism Research Group. 

Educators will leave with a deeper understanding of their behavioural needs students and how to support them. This PL will add multiple, practical strategies to teacher's toolkits, allowing more opportunities for learners to flourish and teachers to remain sane within their classrooms.

Thinking outside the box for these disruptive challenges requires a positive approach and this is precisely what Michelle Wong delivers.