Inclusive Classroom Professional Learning

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Inclusive Classrooms

Creating an inclusive classroom is so much more than a space for learning. It is a place for sharing ideas, a place to feel safe and a place to belong. As the teacher facilitating such an environment, I can't honestly think of a more rewarding role. 

An inclusive classroom means we are catering for a diversity of needs. But for many teachers, we are unsure of where to begin. This interactive PL workshop is the perfect place to start. 

Michelle Wong is a dynamic and entertaining presenter, guaranteeing lots of laughs, along with learning.


With over 15 years classroom experience, specialising in individual needs. Michelle is now completing scientific research with Curtin University and is a member of the Curtin Autism Research Group. 

Educators will leave with a deeper understanding of their individual needs students and how to support them. Inclusive Classrooms will add multiple, practical strategies to teacher's toolkits, allowing more opportunities for learners to flourish within their classrooms.

Special needs practice is best teaching practice, every teacher, student and classroom environment will benefit from this PL presentation.